Thursday, November 20, 2008

How To Reject -- And Laugh -- In Style

There's this fabulous book called, "Dis-missals: 36 Fill-In-The Blank Rejection Letters For Every Occasion" by Melissa Heckscher. It's one of those things you'd probably never buy for yourself but would totally purchase as a gift, and if received, would spend endless hours thumbing through the hilarious post cards.

How does this relate to beauty? Well, it doesn't really. Although, as they say, a smile makes the face prettier - - and these will definitely leave you smiling! Oh yeah, they have a super stylish (and girly) aesthetic too!

Here are some of my favorites (P.S. all of the cards are left BLANK so YOU get to write in who it's for and who it's from, then you tear out the card, stick a stamp on it and drop it in the mail):

To my sib,
Remember that time we forgot you at the gas station? Mom and Dad left you behind on purpose.
Hugs, (BLANK)

Dear (BLANK),
You may have thought I enjoyed our conversations, but really I just wanted to sleep with you.
See you around, (BLANK)

Dear Grandma,
Thanks for the two dollars you sent me on my birthday. I'm sure it was worth a lot in 1937.
Love, (BLANK)

Dear (BLANK)
It's not you, it's me. (And I'm the one who matters.)
See you around, (BLANK)

Dear (BLANK),
Things obviously didn't work out between us and that's okay. But I'm curious: Is your roommate single?
E-mail me.

Dear (BLANK),
Everyone at work thinks we're dating, but I let them know we're just sleeping together.
See you at the meeting!

Dear (BLANK),
Stop looking at my breasts. I would tell you in person, but I know you'd be looking at my breasts.
Sincerely, (BLANK)

Hey (BLANK),
Remind me: why are we friends? I don't even like you.
??? (BLANK)

Note to Self: great idea for Christmas gifts...

PRICE TAG: $12.95


kkbonGo is a Keeper said...

Omigosh those are hilarious! I don't know if I could possibly be mean enough to actually send some of those out (unless that person deserves it! lol). I'd love to get these as a gift!

Living Sexy Now said...

Those are too funny. You'd just have to make sure you didn't drink too much eggnog and then start sending these babies out. Never drink and diss-miss LOL!

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