Thursday, November 13, 2008

Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash And Hand Repair

I've been on a passionate hunt for fabulous home scents lately. Candles, room sprays, even fancy hand washes. When the going gets tough, it's always nice to come home to a beautiful smelling flat!

Famed UK skincare line, Liz Earle, has repackaged their Orange Flower Hand Wash and Hand Repair (lotion). I have a minor obsession (OCD) with washing my hands so naturally I was anxious to put these to use! And now I can't imagine my sink basin without them.

Both come in simple, baby blue containes with pump tops (my fave!). Although I'd have liked the packaging to be more chic, I assume this is good for all you girlies living with your men (not I!!!) because this way they won't get irked by yet another product taking up prime sink space!

Not only is the packaging unisex, so is the fragrance (which is my favorite part). The orange flower is a fusion of sweet and spicy with a bit of muskiness for extra flavor! It's not overly fragrant and the orange is only a lingering after-smell (not tangy, like a freshly cut orange).

The hand wash contains orange flower water, pro-vitamin B5 and 7 pure essential oils. The hand repair has echinacea, hops, vitmain E, and pure essential oils.

The website offers the orange flower scent in a body wash as well... note to self - put this on Santa Wish List!


Anonymous said...

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