Friday, February 27, 2009


A pinch of red... a "blushed" stain... makeup without looking made up...

Stila's Lip Glaze in Cranberry is my current obsession. It's part stain, part gloss, all fabulous color. The consistency is perfect - never gooey but definitely shiny - and full of natural color.

The lip glaze was part of the Stila Backstage with Lela Rose kit and it's meant to give lips that "just-ate-a-basket-of-berries" flushed glow. Use a little and you're lips have that very natural red hue, use more and you'll get a nice evening out red color.

But here's my trick: I LOVE this product on the apples of my cheeks. Not too much, just a dab - enough to give a glowing, berry stained, au natural color with a hint of sheen. It's so easy to wear and versatile, I carry it in my purse for those "just in case" moments.... (a date? drinks with friends? a cute boy in the car next to me?).

The Stila Lip Glazes come in dozens of envy-inducing colors (another favorite is grapefruit - a pinkish hue).

PRICE TAG: $22.00


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