Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few of my favorite things... Bronzers!

With Winter finally moving on and Spring blossoming on the horizon, I can't help but swoon over golden skin, open-toed shoes and mini-dresses!

Here are a list of my top 5 favorite bronzing products moving into Spring:

Tarte's Hotel Heiress Mineral Powder Bronzer - an oldie, but goody. I've replenished this compact more times than I've said "I love you." Truth is, this bronzer is reliable (unlike most men). It always gives me great color and never irritates my skin! $28.00

Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate - Mix with your favorite moisturizer to add a golden hue and even out skin tone on face, arms, legs - anywhere you want to show some skin. And it's organic: Score! $39.95

St. Tropez Ultimate Tan Rapide Face - I love all St. Tropez products... they really offer the most natural, non-orange color. This buildable color self-tanner is specifically designed for the face. It's extra hydrating, doesn't streek (but still be careful around hairline) and is loaded with antioxidants. Within 3 hours, you'll look like you just returned from a vacation on the French coast! $38.00

Smashbox Fusion Body Lights Bronzing Powder - A ginormous three-colored bronzing compact for golden shimmer with a dose of perfumey scent. You get to control the amount of bronze - less or more, depending on how much of each color that you use. It's my go-to for night time illuminizing - a couple of dusts on my collar bone, shoulders, arms, legs... and I'm left glistening like a golden goddess (and smelling gorge too). $54.00 (comes with the nub brush)

Glow Fusion Face & Body Natural Protein Tan - It's like a spray tan at home! Every Spring, I recover this product from the depths of my beauty cabinet. It's been a longtime favorite as I've never found another spray product that gives such a natural, golden tan. And it's perfectly safe for the face too (trust me, I have the most sensitive skin and it doesn't make me break out). Again, you can control the shade - want more bronze, just spray a couple more spritzes. Less, try for one or two sprays. I guarantee you will be obsessed with the results! $58.00

Do YOU have a favorite bronzing product to bring us into Spring? Let us know my leaving a comment below!


Phyrra said...

Question for you. I'm a girl who can't tan, ever. I burn. I don't ever have that golden, sunkissed look. How does someone like me apply bronzer without looking ridiculous? Or is there no way?

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

hm i really like the MAC mineralize ones! I need to go get one lol i've been stealing my friends O_o

Beauty Banter said...

That is a GREAT question and I will dedicate an entire post to the answer next week!


Beauty Banter

Phyrra said...

Yay :)
I'm looking forward to it.

Jessica said...

Bronzer is on the brain...I just did a post about self-tanning, and already have started one on bronzing! Great minds, I guess...just a question, is the spray a self tanner or a wash off? BTW Victoria's Secret made a great spray bronzer (wash off) last year, but I think they've discontinued it...

Beauty Banter said...

Hey Jessica,

The spray tan is a self tanner -- it doesn't wash off but builds every time you use it. It's TO DIE!!!


Beauty Banter

Marianna said...

I am with you on your first favorite bronzer. Tarte has the best I have ever tried. I use Hotel Heiress in addition to another Tarte favorite bronzer of mine "Park Ave Princess". The combo gives me a glow like no other and I am fair skin toned but I don't look over bronzed and fake.

Beauty Banter said...


How fab is Hotel Heiress?! A few of my friend's use park ave princess and love it too. Tarte makes great bronzers!


Beauty Banter

Jen Hill said...

Yay for spring and the desire for sun-kissed skin!

My favorite bronzer's would include: The Bronzed and the Beautiful Bronzer Collection from TooFaced, Big Mama Palette from theBalm, and Laura Gellar's Bronze - N - Brighten!

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