Wednesday, February 25, 2009

YSL Perfume Bottle Makes Over 11 Million Dollars!

This story is brought to you by my French father...

"As you well know Yves St Laurent (pictured)and partner Pierre Berge's personal effects were sold yesterday in a Paris auction (733-piece art collection).

There is a person by the name of Marcel Duchamp who in 1921 designed a bottle of parfum by the name of Belle Haleine eau de toilette - the bottle of parfum is 6 1/2 inch by 4 3/8 inches. It was auctioned yesterday in Paris for $11,236,407.00 - can you believe that?!

The best part of the whole story is that Marcel Duchamp was an artist who was also responsible for creating the urinals all over the world!"

Christie's, the auction house selling the belongings is calling this the sale of the century (despite our global economic crisis). In the first of three days, the house brought it $262 million dollars!

My father goes on to say:

"Your readers should go and find their grandparent's old parfume and cologne bottles and perhaps they will get rich from them in years to come."

So, ladies, search the attacks, the cupboards, even the storage units. An old bottle of perfume may just be your winning lottery ticket!

Or you can start now by collecting perfume bottles and saving them for your great-great grandchildren. See, beauty is art!

If there was one bottle of perfume that you deem a work of art, what would it be? I'm thinking the Andy Warhol Bond No. 9 bottles... they're pretty gorge!


Carrie J said...

I love the old therry mugler angel bottles!!!!!!

A said...

Totally agree re. Bond! Esp. since the Warhol bottles are actual reproductions of Andy Warhol artwork...(and everything Warhol has crazy value nowadays).

But their new "Brooklyn" bottles will stand the test of time, on their own, as art, too.

Besides the main bottle (with the graffiti) - they're doing limited editions of bottles designed by Brooklyn artists.

Amazing. !!

do pheromones work said...

From now on I can collect bottle perfume I inspired on this blog. Well, will certainly visit your site more often now.


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