Friday, April 17, 2009

Beauty Bust: Cargo's Lash Activator

Cargo's newest mascara, Lash Activator, is sadly not worth the hooplah. No disrespect to Cargo - I happen to be a huge fan of their organic PlantLove collection (the bronzer is especially glam) - but the mascara is a major disappointment.

And I really, really wanted to love it -- it even comes equipped with a plastic-bristled brush (and you know how I heart a good plastic applicator)!

The gimmick is that Lash Activator is "proven to boost the appearance of lashes in just 30 days!" Is there a money back guarantee? No, I didn't use for the 30-day entirety, but just the one day was enough to turn my lashes into a tres tragic Adam's Family makeover.

Here's why I'm not down with the Lash Activator:

The formula is SO clumpy, even the plastic brush can't separate my glued-together lashes, nor can my trusty tweezerman lash comb. With other mascaras, I can overlook a slight mishap (for example, I still use Maybelline's Lash Stiletto even though it tends to flake - but I really dig the way it gives me spider-like lengthy lashes). With this Cargo mascara, it neither volumizes, lengthens or separates. The only thing it does really well is clump. And paint my tiny lash hairs a highly pigmented black.

Although, I'm not a fan of Lash Activator, I still have faith in Cargo.

Has anyone else tried the mascara and loved it?


Anonymous said...

It's not a mascara, it's a lash primer.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. And of course you won't notice a difference after one application.

Anonymous said...

Having read about it in a magazine I am trying to buy it..Boots appears to be out of stock. Would like to see it if you know where to get hold of some.

Beauty Banter said...

Try Sephora:
Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

Of course it doesnt work after one application. The ingredients in it like algae condition your lashes so they grow longer..I used it for 2 weeks and they are about 50% longer!

Anonymous said...

The comment above me sounds like the PR person for this product. How sad...

Anonymous said...

I also used it as a primer. I am totally impressed with not only the length, but the fullness of my lashes after using it for well over a month now.
I don't recommend using it without a mascara over it because is will smudge and stuff, but it does grow like it says. I say give it another go! You might be surprised! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't grow very many lashes on my lower lids. And when i used it for a month and started to see lashes where I've never seen them Im hooked! When i want to be glamours i simply apply another mascara on over top.

Anonymous said...

I had chemo and of course lost all my eyelashes. When they came back in, they were short, not many of them etc.
I don't know how many mascaras/prmers I tried before trying Lash Activator.'s been the ONLY one to give me my lashes back!
Now sadly I find out Sephora is no longer going to carry Cargo.
But I can find it other places.
Too bad I can't put it on my hair :(

Anonymous said...

I just bought the lash activator night treatment and daily mascara combo from Sephoria at JC Penneys. The mascara does clump a lot. Not sure if the night treatment works. It has only been three days. But if I don't like it, Sephoria has a money back guarantee so I can return it.

Adele_Love said...

i actually really enjoy this mascara. i like the dry formula and i never had a problem with clumping. it actually has made my lashes longer and stronger. but not everyone is the same, just because this works for me doesnt mean its going to work for the next person

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