Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Posh Pedi

Do you know how impossible it is to find a good manicure and pedicure in Paris and London? And if you do find a place willing to paint the claws, it costs a fortune. In Paris it's about 70 Euros just for a pedi, that's around 100 dollars. In London it's about 60-70 pounds for both mani and pedi. That's around 100-130 dollars.

Coming from LA where there is a mani-pedi shop on every corner for $35.00 a pop, the thought of spending 100 bucks on my cuticles was enough to send me into an agro frenzy. That's when I discovered Emma, the British freelance beauty therapist that comes to YOU.

Emma is amazing - so sweet and warm and incredibly talented when it comes to the treatments. I splurged on a pedi for 4o pounds (after all, I was walking like a mad woman and my toes were in crazy amounts of pain, although Emma said I have fab feet). With the pedi came a relaxing citrus cream scrub, a soothing salt scrub and a delicious citrus lotion - with massage aplenty. She uses all Jessica products and Chanel polishes. Naturally, I went with red, my go-to color of choice. And while my feet were being pampered, I was watching Chicago on the flat screen TV, eating chocolate covered digestives and chatting with my friend whose house I was staying at. A very relaxing Sunday in London...

Emma doesn't just do mani/ pedis, she's also quite the waxer (London and Paris aren't known for their waxing skills either) and she does wonders with facials, brow shaping and tinting, St. Tropez tanning and massages. She's so good at what she does, her clients include the likes of Kate Moss and Sadie Frost.

Just think, the same person who touches Kate Moss' toes, touched mine. Now that's 2 degrees of separation!

Next time you're in London, book an appointment with Ms. Emma by emailing emma@spoiltathome.com. Tell her that Beauty Banter sent you!


Hot Money Mess said...

wow, that's some pampering!

also, are you wearing sweats? they looks super comfortable AND cute! Please share who makes them!

Mikaela said...

Isn't that the truth! The whole time I lived in the UK, I did just about everything to/for myself... thank god for being an aesthetician, I actually know how to do most of it - but I missed even getting a decent hair cut.

Beauty Banter said...

Hey Jenna!

The sweatpants are my friend Wells Butler's line, Primp. They are the most comfortable! The sweater is a cashmere J Crew V-neck. A wardrobe necessity!


alex asher sears said...

In LA/NY esp, we sooo take for granted the services literally round every corner and at prices that make them recession proof.

Fit Gizmos said...

i think those sweats are by american eagle...i could be wrong though. oh btw, you do have fab feet!

Fit Gizmos said...

btw, please check out my blog www.fitgizmos.com...& tell me wut u think! it's my first blog. thanks!

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