Monday, March 08, 2010

OSCARS 2010: Hits and Misses

The road to Oscar was a long one, full of coiffed updo's and ruby red lips but the night has finally come and gone. And while WOMEN definitely kicked ass -- YAY to Kathryn Bigelow for her history-making best director win -- on and off of the red carpet, we here at Beauty Banter are really only concerned with who gave best face.

So, here are Oscar, 2010 beauty hits and misses:

Cameron Diaz - Finally a glam night for the actress. While I'm still on the fence as to whether she's channeling Old Hollywood Starlet or Texan Beauty Queen, I will say this: the tresses tended to with a hint of curl definitely make for a more glamorous look. And Cam can never go wrong with red lips. I say she's done well.

Carey Mulligan - It's like a mini Mia Farrow in the making. I love this cut and color on her and the makeup is fresh while still maintaining her youth. Adorabley chic... tres refreshing!

Charlize Theron - She's SO pretty I wanted the WOW factor but instead I got left with the "WHOA what's up with the boob petals" situation. While this isn't a site that trashes the duds, I just can't look away from the bust area and, quite frankly, that effects the face. On a makeup note, Charlize's lip color totally clashes with the violet dress. Shame.

Demi Moore - The side bouffant's a killer (as in bad) and her face looks frozen (botox?). Yes, she looks great for her age but I'm starting to wonder how much of her age is medically injected. Hmmm. On a brighter note, her skin color is gorgeously bronzed.

Jennifer Lopez - This is one of my favorite looks of the night - JLo knows how to do glam justice. The smokey, sultry pewter eyes rock and the signature nude lip is magnificent. Her skin color is always the right shade of bronze, never too orange or fake looking, and that hair color is like a delicious caramel treat. Obsession.

Kate Winslet - Her hair is the color of spun gold, her makeup, impeccable. Nobody does the exagerrated side part and Old Hollywood starlet curls quite like Kate (notice the contraasting dark brow -- gorge!). I think she looks flawless.

Rachel McAdams - I prefer her with brown hair and red lips but I wasn't totally hating on this look. I definitely like the makeup color palette (pinks and pale blue tones) but can somebody please give this girl a tan? She's so pale, she's almost see-through.

Sandra Bullock - Winner on stage, winner on the red carpet. Love that she kept her hair down, natural but still elegant with the exaggerated side part. My only qualm is the color of red used on her lips. I would have gone for something more burgandy and moody, this here is a tad too pink and bright.

Sarah Jessica Parker - While the dark eyes are definitely smoking (in a good way), it may be a tad too much makeup for SJP. And that hair, oh please, someone give her a serum to calm the flyaways! And too much going on with that bun. It isn't a race, woman, one chignon is fine.

Zoe Saldana - I feel like she constantly gives off that prom vibe - makeup is pretty, hair is coiffed but nothing's AMAZING. And she's so hot, I'm looking for some fierceness. P.S. What was she thinking with that dress? It was like a pinata hanging from the bottom.


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