Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Forward: Makeup Trend Forecasting

As the weather gets a tad warmer, I can't help but hope (pray) that Spring is right around the corner. Move over puffy jackets and fur boots, it's time to reintroduce wedges and dresses to the mix.

On the makeup front, Christopher Drummond, creator of the all-natural, vegan, mineral makeup line Christopher Drummond Beauty (we heart a good organic line!) predicts Spring 2010 makeup is all about beautiful but muted colors, coral lips, and the bottom eyelid.

Here are Christopher’s trend predictions for Spring 2010:

Color: Colors such as a slightly shimmery baby blue, a barely there soft pink, and a softly noticeable tangerine color are going to be the “go to” colors for spring/summer. These colors work on everyone and bring more focus to the skin, cheekbones and lips.

Lips: Coral, whether bright or muted, is the new classic that will be explored starting this spring/summer and throughout 2010. Also, anyone can wear coral because it is fresh and youthful looking and rich yet subtle at the same time.

Eyes: Spring/Summer 2010 will be all about the bottom lid.

  • Adding a light amount of colored liner on the bottom lid, which looks fresh and modern and is a way to add color to the eyes without going overboard. (Tip: this color should not match the top lid).
  • Another eye trend is no makeup at all on the bottom. A nice thick liner with rich mascara and a colored shadow on top paired with a bare bottom lash line will open the eyes up and look youthful and fresh.
Have any favorite coral colors so far?
Let us know below!


Sarade said...

Coral has forever been a favorite shade of mine, as a redhead with pale skin. But I think it's flattering to many skintones. I've always been on the search for the perfect coral lipliner, and found one by Stila at one point, but the search continues. Paul and Joe Beauty has a lovely pale coral nail polish available.

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