Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trend Alert: Dark(er) Roots

Now I'm not telling you to let your roots grow out and become unruly little beasts of darkened hair, but I am urging you to take a look at the latest trend and go from there: Descending lightness from the roots to the tips.

Natural hair is IN IN IN. And while Giselle, pictured here on the April 2010 cover of Vogue, shows off a chestnut-hued mane with lighter tips (gone is her over processed gold highlighted hair), I've been seeing low lights everywhere. From the red carpet -- 2 tone blondes with a darker base like Kate Winslet -- to the streets of Manhattan.

Subtlety is key. You want to look like you're growing out the highlights when in fact you've spent hours at the hair salon taming to the tresses. It's basically like this: darker roots (about 1 to 2 shades) with baliaged tips (baliage is when the bleach is painted directly on the hair, no foils necessary). It gives a very natural, sun soaked, I am a low maintenance girl, look.

Here is the hair I'm envying now:

Amaia Salamanca at the 'Union de Actores Awards' 2010 Press Conference

Notice the subtlety of shading in her hair. It goes from a dark brown to a chestnut brown with a dash of gold. Roots to tips.


Laura [What I Like] said...

I LOVE this look...had it done a year or so ago for the summer and was totally into it. Super low maintenance as well!

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