Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring CLEANing


Hello, Beauty Banterers - I’ve missed you! Seems just yesterday I was talking about gifts for the holidays and now it’s Spring. Really? (Well, it’s Spring here on the West Coast – those in the East may beg to differ.)

With the changing of the seasons, I find my skincare, hair care, and makeup all change in different ways. As does my perfume.

Although I have one go-to scent I wear year-round, I like to mix it up a bit from time to time. Come warmer months, the spicier, headier fragrances that work when it’s chilly make me feel claustrophobic. I want something lighter, crisper, and that will tolerate triple digit weather when it arrives (and it will soon enough, ugh).

When the fabulous people at CLEAN told me about the the new additions to their collection, I was thrilled to try them out. The company began almost a decade ago with the quest to create a scent that was simple and, well, clean – I think of it as the simplicity of something like Dove soap only in perfume form.

At the time, I remember being at a party and two different people had just discovered this new, go-with-everything scent. But instead of being a trend that faded, it’s become something of a classic and the CLEAN line has expanded to dry shampoos, lotions, men’s fragrances, and even hand sanitizer.

I am loving the new CLEAN Summer Escape Eau de Parfum ($49). This limited edition scent blends notes of citrus and bergamot with lily, cotton blossoms and coconut water. It’s subtle, which I find nice. I like to wear perfume, not have it wearing me. Especially in warmer months. And the mix of flowers, citrus, and bit of spice work well together.

They also shared the new CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt ($38/$69), an Eau de Parfum that mixes musk, amber, freesia and cotton flower to create a scent that’s fresh and crisp and, again, subtle. The musky tones are there to give you “the feel of stealing and wearing your boyfriend’s tee” but it’s still very light and femme. Personally, I’d love to see them release a linen spray in this one.

You can find the entire CLEAN collection at Sephora (online and in stores), Ulta, and  xo a.


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