Monday, November 03, 2008

Foot For Thought...

Just left Nordstrom's Hosiery Department and stumbled across the funniest waste of money - Foot Perfume!

Foot Petals Sweaty Pedi is a foot fragrance (lavender-vanilla) for nasty, fungus feet! Although the name is adorably rhyming, at $18.95 a bottle, why not just douse your toes in your favorite perfume (one that you ALREADY own) - or how about a fragrant lotion (one you use for your body too)? Do we really need an individual fragrance for our feet?

In these crazy economic times, isn't a foot fragrance a bit over-the-top?



The Home Spa Goddess said...

I agree, this is a bit much:)

Bionic Beauty said...

LOL! I agree, it *is* a bit too much. I'd just use some powder or current perfume or body spray that's in my stash. Too funny, but I do like the catchy name. Makes me grin. :)

I have tried the foot petal inserts myself and they didn't really help too much. They were SO thin I hardly felt them under there and definitely didn't help my boots or heels feel any more comfy.
Maybe I need new boots. ;)

Thanks for the great articles Beauty Banter. keep up the awesome work!

Barry said...

Better to spend the money on foot cream to make your feet soft and smooth or better yet hand cream for younger looking skin.

A great hand cream to eliminate dry skin is made in Israel by Dead Sea Premier.

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