Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stila and Barbie - It's NOT All About the Sex!

First there was MAC and Fafi... MAC and Heatherette... MAC and Hello Kitty (dying - coming very soon). Now, Stila's jumping on the collaboration train!

For Barbie's 50th Anniversary (she looks so good for her age!), she will team up with Stila Cosmetics to bring her signature and whimsical looks to life (and if we're lucky, her waist size too!).

The collaboration will kick-off in February with four colorful "Decades of Beauty Cans" filled with Stila favorites and Barbie beauty looks iconic of the past 5 decades.

The four "cans" are:

Ponytail Doll from 1959

Malibu Doll from 1971

Foxy Doll from 1980

Jewel Doll from 2000

What happened to Reality Whore doll of 2006-2009?! Kidding (slightly)...

Each can contains two eye shadows and a cheek color or bronzer, as well as a lip product, and a mascara or liner.

Available in February exclusively at Sephora (although I'm hearing that beauty addicts are snatching them up as soon as last week!).

I can just see it now--a world full of life-sized Barbies--wait, that's Hollywood! DUH!


Beauty Maintenance said...

These will be available through stila.com as well, I got an email from them last week advertising the launch. So be sure to check both sites if you are having a hard time finding them.

Georgia said...

The Malibu can is my favourite. I love the shadows. And the packaging, so cute.

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