Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 50th, Barbie!

Can you believe it? Barbie is a half a century old (yet she doesn't look a day over 21 -- I need some of her beauty cream!). In honor of Barbie's birthday celebration, interior decorator extraordinaire, Jonathan Adler took a Malibu mansion and transformed it into a chic, Barbie dream house.

A bit of Barbie History:
The first Barbie was introduced at the New York Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. She was Barbie, the Teen-Age Fashion Model. Ruth Handler, creator of the Barbie doll (and mega millionaire), says that "Barbie has always represented that a woman has choices... She had the clothes, for example, to launch a career as a nurse, a stewardess, a nightclub singer..." As of 2009, Barbie has 108 careers! Ken was introduced in 1961. Midge, the best friend, in 1963.

Last night, I ventured to Malibu for a look at the life of the original girl power doll, Barbie!

From a real Andy Warhol painting of the birthday girl, to a Barbie shrine room housing Barbie's from every era, a chandelier entirely made of Barbie hair, to custom B-embroidered carpet and lampshades, to a closet solely consisting of pink Christian Louboutin heels, to a Dylan's Candy Bar Corner, Barbie's dream house is both girly and glamorous (with loads of pink, naturally).

Here are some pics:

The Original Barbie

Barbie's Vanity

Barbie Mirror

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian wishing Barbie a very Happy Birthday

Barbie's (and Ken) Bedroom

Rack of Loubs (Barbie is one lucky diva)

Hair Chandelier (yes, that is real Barbie hair!)

Living Room

Click HERE for a dozen more pics (including the original Ken doll and Andy Warhol painting)!

Swag bag included the 2009 Bathing Suit Barbie, a Jonathan Adler for Barbie black and pink mini vase, a Barbie Heart Stila Eye Shadow Trio and Lip Glaze Set (an homage to the Stila/ Barbie collab), Dylan's Candy Bar Barbie through the years chocolates, and a Patricia Field for Barbie t-shirt that reads, "I want my dream house."

Hey, I'd settle for Barbie's dream house!


Angel Lust PR said...

Oh lord girly I can't believe you got to go to this thing. It was hard enough missing her runway show here in NYC!!! Please post the swag here would love to see the bathing suit!!!

Lots of love S!!!

Georgia said...

Gah, this is so gorgeous. This is my dream house. Although I don't know if my boyfriend would be into decorating an apartment like this...

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