Friday, April 24, 2009

Warning: Do Not Try This Product At Home

In fact, don't try this product anywhere, ever. L'Oreal's New Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion is all shades of wrong. Literally, look at what it did to my skin:

There's nothing worse than streaking and now I look like I have some sort of skin disease.

Let's asses:

The company gushes, "Go from pale princess to luminous bronze goddess in an instant." True, except I'd replace "luminous bronze goddess" with "tragically streaked skin."

"A beautifully radiant sun-kissed look, streak-free, sun-free." NOT TRUE (save for the sun-free part)! Just glance at my arm - does that look streak-free to you?

"All with a new deliciously fresh summer scent." If summer smells like a tanning bed, then yes, this is summer's very own scent. Delicious and fresh? Not quite.

The color is so obviously from a bottle (a very dark brown that is anything but natural), the formula is sticky and, sadly, it even smells fake. I'm usually a huge fan of L'Oreal bronzers - their Sublime Glow was one of my picks for best bronzers of 2007. Not this product.

Seems to me that someone at the L'Oreal chemist's lab needs a refresher course on self-bronzers.

You've been warned, ladies, you've been warned.

Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the day scrubbing my arm with cleaning detergent. No, seriously.

Have YOU ever experienced a horrendous fake tan?
What did YOU do?


Key said...

Lemon juice really does help. Just cut a lemon in half and spread the juice over your arm. Repeat up to six or seven times through the day. It will look much much better the next day.

This actually the advice I got when I turned all streaky from the spray tan done in the salon. I called them, they told me to use lemon juice and it helped.

Beetlebum said...

I actually disagree. While I only got the lotion to try it, I usually use the Sublime Bronze tinted lotion medium natural tan (pic: and love that. I didn't notice a difference when using the lotion and had the same results, which I think are very good. Streaking happens, of course, when I'm not careful, but I don't think the lotion is bad.

Bad is the self tanning mist, which I bought thinking it would be convenient. Convenient it is, but I also look like a zebra afterward (just like your arm). I would try just applying the lotion to the spot that missed it before to even out the tone.

Beauty Banter said...

thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Think I'll try lemon juice... better smell than the lotion!


Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

i think you must not have let it dry enough or something because i have been using Sublime Bronze for about 2 years and have never had a problem.

Beauty Banter said...

this is their new formula - it just launched - hasn't been out for 2 years! The old one, Sublime Glow, is good. I used that and even wrote about it in my 2007 summer must-have bronzers. This, on the other hand, did not react well to my skin!

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! This is a self-tan nightmare! Hope you were able to get it fixed! If the lemon juice didn't work you may want to try the "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" it takes off anything and everything including hair dye!

Anonymous said...

oh sorry i was thinking of this one!:

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