Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips For Staying Youthful In The Sun

Happy Memorial Day, ladies!!!

Long weekends are made for sunning! Be smart, be safe, there's nothing worse than leathery skin and damaged tresses!

Here are some tips for lounging poolside - or beach side - and preserving your youth:

  • Wear a hat to shield hair and face from the sun
  • Use a hair protective product to guard your color and your ends from sun, salt and chlorine. I like Matrix Biolage Protective Hair Oil. It prevents the drying effects of sun, chlorine and saltwater, leaves hair soft, shiny and tangle-free and adds instant shine and moisture. Safe for color-treated hair too!
  • Big sunglasses aren't only in style, they protect the delicate eye area from the harsh effects of the sun's rays
  • SPF, SPF, SPF. Face, body, fingers, toes... everywhere! Take it from Izzie Stevens (Grey's Anatomy), skin cancer is serious, even lethal. Sunscreen To Try: Clinique's new sun line is fabulous. It protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is 100 % fragrance free (a perfect choice for sensitive skin). The Sun SPF 50 Face Cream is great for the mug and the Sun SPF 30 Body Cream will protect the bod. Also invest in the Sun SPF 45 Targeted Protection Stick - a must-have for lips, scars and fragile skin areas (I like it for around my eyes - just in case my giant sunglasses slip off).
  • Keep hydrated! Drink tons of water... try adding a vitamin supplement for flavor and health. Super C Vitamin Mix Drink in Orange is inexpensive ($1.99) and loaded with 100 mg of Vitamin C plus antioxidants!
And, of course, have fun!


Leane said...

Great advice. I only have one more little detail to add: Don't forget to always put sunscreen on your ears! People always forget the tops of their ears and earlobes.....and they are very tender.

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